At Forbes: Unfairness of Risk Scores in Sentencing

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Over at Forbes, I blogged about a recent Wisconsin Supreme Court decision upholding the use of automated risk scores in criminal sentencing. The post begins:

In a ruling today, the Wisconsin Supreme Court sanctioned the use of COMPAS risk assessment scores about a defendant’s potential recidivism in sentencing, so long as judges receive written warnings about the value of such scores and don’t rely on them exclusively. In that case, Eric Loomis challenged the trial court’s use of COMPAS scores in sentencing on due process grounds. Defendant’s argument boiled down to this: it was unfair to rely on a score whose accuracy cannot be assessed, interrogated, and challenged. Loomis and his attorneys certainly had notice about the score, but how the private company Northpointe came up with it was a mystery. The scoring system is a trade-secret protected black box, as my colleague Frank Pasquale would say.

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The Origin Story of this Site: Talented Web Designer Steffie Schwartz

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An extraordinary web designer and digital strategist is responsible for my website: Steffie Schwartz at BerrySeed. I found out about Steffie’s work through my dear friend and colleague Daniel J. Solove; Steffie designed Dan’s amazing website. Steffie is incredibly creative and wonderfully patient. She is a true artist and an extraordinary professional. Thank you, Steffie, for creating this website!

At Forbes: Trump as the Doxxer in Chief?

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Last year, Maram Salaheldin and I blogged about how Trump doxxed Senator Lindsey Graham by revealing Graham’s cell phone number during a press conference. Then, we wrote:

In case you missed it, presidential candidate Donald Trump gave out South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s private cell phone number on live national television. Trump urged the audience to “give

[the number] a shot” and repeated the number, just in case audience members had missed it the first time. Senator Graham’s response was a tongue-in-cheek video about the different ways you can destroy your cell phone. Public opinion was with Senator Graham—Trump, it seemed clear, had crossed a line.

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